WVU Statistics Alumni Recruit Data Scientists on Campus

Doug Raffle, Theresa Boots, Chris Cunningham, Samantha Service, Alex Abrahamian, Dan Piett
WVU Department of Statistics Alumni with Current MS Students
L to R: Doug Raffle (MS, 2015), Theresa Boots, Chris Cunningham, Samantha Service, Alex Abrahamian, and Dan Piett (MS, 2014) 

The Department of Statistics hosted two WVU MS in Statistics graduates on Friday, November 3rd, for a presentation about the role of data science in their positions at The Hartford, a Fortune 500 investment and insurance company located in Hartford, Connecticut.  Douglas Raffle (MS, 2015) and Daniel Piett (MS, 2014) spoke about how they combine inferential and descriptive statistics with machine learning and data technologies to support partners in actuarial science and underwriting across key lines of business, including workers’ compensation, property and liability insurance, and auto insurance.   Many current Department of Statistics MS students and faculty attended their presentation and learned how data science teams at the Hartford are formed to integrate knowledge in mathematics and statistics, computer science, and subject-area expertise.  Raffle and Piett described the scope of their jobs and offered advice for attendees seeking careers in data science.  Following the presentation, Raffle and Piett interviewed eight current MS students for summer internships and open full-time positions as data scientists.  Second-year MS student Chris Cunningham was interviewed and said, “I really appreciate having the chance to interview with WVU alumni on campus for a data science position at The Hartford.  Having that personal connection with Doug and Dan definitely is an asset in my job search.”