The Need for Support

Our nation is moving from the information age to a knowledge-based economy. Statistics is the science of learning from data, and thus it is the principal tool in moving from data (information) to an understanding of the data (knowledge).

The Department of Statistics is at the forefront in providing students the skills they will need to function well in our new economy. Our curriculum has, or will soon have, innovative courses in forensic statistics, industrial statistics, bioinformatics, probabilistic networks, and data mining, to name a few. Bioinformatics forms the statistical and mathematical basis of genomics and provides a quantitative understanding of molecular biology. Probabilistic networks are widely used, for example, by and others to learn about their customers, and data mining lets us explore and understand massive amounts of data collected over the Web or by corporations.

The Department of Statistics needs continued private support to provide the human and machine infrastructures to continue to expand our leading-edge curriculum, which is preparing future students, majors as well as non-majors, for our nation's new economy.

Departmental Priorities

  • Chair or professorship position to address new areas of our curriculum and to strengthen our research mission
  • Graduate student support to enhance stipends and to increase the number of graduate students working in the department
  • Technology support to provide funds to equip the department's teaching laboratories and to develop new courses
  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Funds to support the development of a departmental library, an advising center, and student study area

Foundation Accounts

The Department of Statistics has two foundation accounts. The Statistics Fund is used to support the above departmental priorities and general departmental activities, as determined by the Chair. The Butcher account is used to support an undergraduate student in the IMS program with preference given to WV residents. Please consider making a donation to one or the other of these accounts.

  • Statistics Fund (2V019)
  • Butcher Endowment (3S561)

Please make your tax-deductible check payable to the WVU Foundation and mail it to:

  • WVU Foundation One Waterfront Place
  • P.O. Box 1650 
  • Morgantown, WV 26507-1650
  • Specify in the "For" or "Note" line of your check: "Statistics Fund (2V019)" or "Butcher Endowment (3S561)"

You can also make an online contribution directly to the  WVU Foundation. Please choose "If Other, please specify" and type in Statistics.

If you would like to discuss giving a major gift to the Department of Statistics, please email  Assistant Dean Drew Chelosky in the Office of the Dean or call (304) 293-4611.